I'm Anndrea. BOLD's new creative specialist. What a joy it is to be settled at BOLD-Multimedia! I have spent the last 8 months traveling the world solo and attending cultural festivals from Mexico to the islands of Vanuatu. I never thought it would feel so good to settle in a place, but BOLD has done it for me. I am a creative with degrees in architecture and design studies. One of my favorite things is gaining new perspectives on how design can translate across different cultures and communities. I’m super into motion design, film and web design. I got my first and only tattoo in the North of India. It was done by an old Italian man who happened to be living the same guest house. My nose was pierced in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert by a Bedouin. I think exploration is the foundation of all knowledge and design is a balance of communication that can translate across borders. Even through all of my travel and living around the world I was born in Tulsa, graduated from Jenks High School and have come back to the state that will forever be home.  Every night I fall asleep reading old French or Russian literature because it’s the best way to lull myself into a deep slumber.