My name is Becca Nance and I am a senior studying public relations at The University of Oklahoma. I’m from Dallas, Texas and come from a family of longhorns. I choose OU because it is close enough to home to be able to get weekend trips in but far enough away so my mom can’t bug me about my room being a mess. Whenever I tell people that my major is PR, I get the same response 95 percent of the time, “Oh yeah, I can totally see that.” I love that there are so many opportunities to have in this field and I am grateful that I have companies like BOLD to help me grow in my career. This semester I hope to learn more about branding and managing campaigns for accounts. In the past, I have worked on blogging and social media calendars so I am looking forward to bringing my knowledge from those to the table. I am ready to take on these next few months with BOLD and strengthen my skills as a young PR professional. 

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