My name is Alex Wilson, I am a Senior in the English Literature department at the University of Oklahoma, and will be graduating in May 2016. I have been an Intern at BOLD for a year and I have loved every minute of my time here. I began my college career in the Architecture program, I have always had an affinity for design and creating and architecture seemed a logical outlet for that energy. When I made the switch to Literature, I had just realized that designing livable space was not my strong suit and I wanted to do something I loved for rest of my college career. It was not long before I started to crave a creative outlet again, but this time with an eye towards possible careers. I saw the BOLD business front on a trip down Main St. and decided to reach out to them and hopefully get some experience in design.

Since becoming and Intern here,  the BOLD team has been a huge part of my education and a huge influence on my future career choices. During my time with them they have helped me to develop and hone my creative thinking and writing skills. I am excited and looking forward to everything they have in store for me this semester.