We recently made two videos for Bethesda, Inc and after hearing from real clients, could not be more impressed by this amazing non profit.  They do such great work. Not only for kids, but for families and the community.

Executive Director Travis Humphry writes about his experience working with TEAM BOLD. We are over the moon after reading his kind words.  Thank you Travis! We look forward to working with your dedicated team for years to come.

Blog Post for BOLD (‘cause they rock)

Bethesda is awesome – that’s what I learned on my first day as the Executive Director. My first day on the job was also the first day of summer camp. That day and for the rest of the week I heard girls belt out the Disney song, Let it Go. You know, from Frozen. Normally, I would have cringed at having to hear that song one more time, but this time it was different. This time, girls ages 8-13, who had suffered sexual abuse, were singing it. These were girls who had innocence stripped away by someone they trusted. They were at camp to learn how to overcome that intimate form of trauma, learning to not let it define who they are, learning healthy coping skills, learning to love themselves, learning to move on. They were learning how to move from being a victim to becoming a survivor. In short, they were learning to let it go.

 I now have that song memorized.

Since that first day, I knew Bethesda was a special place of healing. The problem was, not many people knew about us. Most folks don’t even want to talk about sexual abuse, so it was hard for us to figure out how we were going to put Bethesda in the lime light without scaring people away. I don’t have the marketing background to do it myself, so I went to BOLD.

I initially met BOLD through the United Way Day of Caring. Their whole crew came out to our location and painted a beautiful mural in one of our group therapy rooms. Months later, when I started thinking about how we would communicate Bethesda’s mission, I immediately thought of BOLD.

Our first meeting was in person, just how I like it. No drawn out emails and delays, just good ‘ol fashioned one-on-one attention. They listened, took in my ideas and we set up the project. BOLD set everything up for us and completed the project ahead of schedule. Now, Bethesda has two powerful videos that communicate who we are, what we do, and the incredible transformation that occurs in the lives of victims. We are using these videos on social media, our website and at health fairs. These videos communicate our message in a powerful way that sticks in the minds of people. The videos are sensitive to the tough subject of sexual abuse, and show how our clients heal from this intimate form of trauma.

I’m already working with BOLD on other projects, including installation of new smart boards and televisions and a comprehensive marketing campaign package.

From my first day at Bethesda I knew this place was special. Now, I can tell the whole world.   

Travis Humphrey
Executive Director
Bethesda, Inc.