Friday April 10th, St Mark The Evangelist Catholic Church, Norman OK.  Bold-Multimedia in partnership with Among Friends staff and members worked together to bring a video to fruition that was presented at the Among Friends Fundraiser at St Mark Catholic Church.  The fundraiser, which profited over $30,000, was a huge success and will help the members of Among Friends and their families have a wonderful place to continue to attend.  

Bold used this opportunity to give our interns we have had this semester practice at the principles we have been teaching them in collaboration with our video team.  Ashley a Senior at the Price College of Business and Alex a Senior at The College of Arts and Sciences both took what they have learned and applied it to make a wonderful video with an amazing message.  Below we have included what they thought of the experience and what they now understand about the process of making a video.


Our goal for making a video for Among Friends was to raise donations as well as awareness in the community about such an amazing place available for adults with special needs and disabilities. With no experience in creating a video before, the process of planning, creating, and editing were all very interesting to me. We started by visiting Among Friends in person to meet some of the members and spark ideas on shot lists and questions on people we wanted to speak in the video. Our visit introduced us to the owner and many of the parents who we felts stories and passion for Among Friends would really speak to the audience in our video. We also were able to see some of the activities that the members of Among Friends do every day like puzzles, exercise in the gym, art class, and Wii sports. After creating the questions and shot list, getting the footage was next. I found this step of the process opened my eyes to the amount of forethought and careful positioning there is to every shot. A three minute video takes much more footage than one would realize to get everything you need to make the perfect video. The editing process and completing the video really brought together all of our ideas and thoughts to create a successful video in sharing the lives at Among friends with the community. Creating my first video really taught me a lot about the filming process and showed me how an just an idea can be turned in to a touching video to help a great cause.



The idea for the video came from hearing two different stories about how life changing Among Friends had been for some of the families.  So, what we wanted to do was tell the story of Among Friends, how it came about, how it has been helping its customers, and where it is going in the future. We had to come up with a list of questions to get the people we were going to interview to tell us the story as well as a shot list to help flesh out the story we were trying to tell. As an intern it was my first experience with writing a script and developing a comprehensive plan for a video. Once we had a plan to go on, we got to meet with and interview the founder of Among Friends and her daughter and hear how the idea of Among Friends took shape. Then we got to speak with a family whose livelihood was saved by the organization. In order to shoot the video we spent an afternoon at the Among Friends location filming the patrons and their daily activities. You don’t realize how much extra footage it takes to shoot just a three minute video, and we joked about how daunting a task it would be to shoot footage for a full length movie. while there we got to see how much the staff cared for and about the individuals who spend their days there. We also got to see the joy each and every patron of Among Friends experiences when they get to come be around their friends and have fun every day. We had a lot of fun shooting this video and laughing and joking around with everyone up at Among Friends. Think the best part was seeing how all of the pieces we shot that day came together and how close it was to what I had envisioned from the beginning.

Their hard and detailed work produced this video which was presented to over 300 people in attendance at the Among Friends benefit. Outstanding work Ashley and Alex.