TEAM BOLD has had a rebranding in the works for a local car wash and maintenance business. In order to make this happen the BOLD creative team met with the owners of the Fast Lanes and now Cruise-In Auto Spa to strategically plan direction as well as a new look. After getting a better understanding of Cruise-In Auto Spa needs we started the design process for a logo, branding, signs, digital signage, website, and print materials. The new name inspired a modern, retro feel with our design team that developed into a classic drive-in logo based on signage from previous eras. From this new sign design, the rest of the branding fell into place with new color schemes and fonts matching the new logo. 

When we began the design process for the new website, all of the content from the old site was gathered and rewritten for the new site. Our designers then began to put together a new look for the website, one that fit with the new brand. 

TEAM BOLD incorporated the new branding into the website and made sure everything fit thematically. Stock photos were gathered to enhance the visual appearance of the site, the photos fitting with the automotive theme of the auto spa. Once everything was built we tested the functionality of the site and then made it live on the web. Social media integration and icons were integrated along with a customer review button, so customers can read and write Cruise-In Auto Spa reviews. The website was then designed to scale to mobile devices more effectively and efficiently.

Want to see some of the print materials? You can also check out our portfolio.

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