We were very excited to have our OU Fellow Professional Exchange participant, Aditi, join Leslie on her trip to Fox 25 to promote the CLEVELAND COUNTY FAMILY YMCA'S Great Candy Swap! What a fantastic opportunity for her to compare media practices in the US vs India. Check out her blog post below:

So if you think that a day at a TV Studio is all about ‘Lights, Camera, Action’, you are wrong! It is much more fun than that.

It all started when our very own Leslie Christopher was invited to the Fox TV Studio to talk about ‘The Great Candy Swap’ initiative by CLEVELAND COUNTY FAMILY YMCA. She asked me to tag along, and why would I ever miss that chance.

I had the opportunity to witness an entire show, Live, from the studios. The show is called ‘Living Oklahoma’. It covered various topics starting from the trending YouTube Videos to the Halloween fever catching up.

First things first, ‘The Great Candy Swap’ that Leslie talked about on the show is a great initiative to tackle the growing epidemic of Childhood Obesity in America. The current figures say one out of every 3 kids in the US is either obese or overweight. Under the swap initiative, from November 1-10, member families can bring in one pound of candy per child and receive a $20 voucher towards sports or other health programs. Isn’t that cool?

If I talk about the studio experience, dude, it works on seconds. Ten seconds before they go live, the anchors can be seen chatting about life and lessons and then booommm!! When the camera is on them, you see a different professional altogether. Well researched, well planned content is what makes a good show.

The show that I witnessed, ‘Living Oklahoma’ was a perfect blend of fun, infotainment and terror!! No I did not get that wrong, terror because they featured actors from a terror house and they were S-C-A-R-Y!! But the atmosphere in the studio was super fun!

Another observation was the technology. The behind-the-scenes people for the show were talking, coughing, entering or exiting the studio as they like it. Because the microphones with the presenters were super advanced and captured only their voices and noises!!

To make the story short, the experience was once-in-a-lifetime for sure. A huge shout out to Leslie for that!!

Professional Fellow,