BOLD Multimedia will be a packed house this Spring Semester as we host four awesome interns. These OU students learn the in's and out's of the advertising world.

Erin, Sophomore, could not get enough of us (or the puppies) and returned for her second internship. She is majoring in Advertising with a double minor in Spanish and Enterprise Studies. We've enjoyed giving her the opportunity to stick her foot in the door and understand what the Advertising business entails while also giving her a chance to hone her creative skills.

Ashley, Senior, is majoring in Marketing and Finance. She's interested in learning about the filming and editing we do here as well as the budgeting and finance that applies to projects for clients. We're happy to have her business oriented and creative mind on board!

Alex is a Senior and is majoring in Literature who is considering a career in design. He hopes to gain exposure to the design world by shadowing Shawn and Denny.

Jessica is a Senior and plans to major in Business Marketing. She's going to spend the semester learning about the sales process and gain experience in developing a sales plan.

These four make a big difference in the office and are always keeping us and the BOLD puppies entertained! We have lots to teach here and are proud to say they teach us a thing or two!