A Look-Alike Report not only provides businesses with the critical data they need to know about their customer database it also provides our clients' with a list of potential new customers that share attributes with or “look like” their most successful customer lists. In other words, the report searches thousands of databases for prospects based on the client data you submit, as well as useful details that pertain to your target audience.

The process is simple: After you upload a file containing a list of your best customers, the file is analyzed and specific criteria is matched with other records in the databases. You then receive a list of new records with similar attributes – Age, Gender, Education Level, Marital Status, Working Woman Indicator, Country of Origin, Housing Type, Available Home Equity, Net Worth, Number of Adults, Number of Children, Mail Responder, Credit Card Users, Preferred Retail Store Type, Number of Vehicles, Vehicle Type.  These and other attributes narrow in the “Best Customer” list for our clients.

So come over to our Main St. office and let us give you a consultation that will bring in more prospects than you know what to do with.