Nextep is coming back to us with phase two of their new corporate office. The design and installation of a state-of-the-art conference center that will be used in-house, to conference with satellite offices and for community rental.

The system design of the phase two conference center includes; a sound system that will function as a local PA to hear sources connected, in two separate zones, a video system that will allow for video sources to be connected thru a video switcher to display on a 90” television, a HD PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) camera system that will be capable of capture and web streaming. In addition, Nextep will use digital signage in the downstairs lobby and conference center to display their professional brand on three displays on the ground floor. A lighting system comprised of LED PAR lights that are used to supplement the ambient room lighting to highlight the speaker and enhance the video quality captured by the video camera. Once all the equipment is installed, our team will train the Nextep staff on this easy to use system.

The complete installation is set to be completed by October 1, 2014 just in time for a Nextep national corporate conference.