We are excited to officially welcome John Richardson to the BOLD Multimedia Team!

John joins us at the executive level after years of college, military, government and life experience. After his studies in architecture at the University of Oklahoma, John served his country faithfully for 12 years as a Untied States Marine. His distinguished service was followed by six years as a Senior Intelligent Analyst for multiple government agencies. Originally a Normanite and always a Sooner fan, John is happy to be back home after a life traveling abroad and 10 years in Washington DC.

John enjoys applying his experience to the business world by serving and growing the business of our Bramlett clients. He also loves the energy of the Bramlett team, even though he wishes there were a giraffe, a monkey, or a 20,000 foot mountain around every now and again. While working primarily as an analyst, researcher and project manager, John also is highly involved in community relations and is training in Audio Video Lighting so that he understands every aspect of the company.

John's primary responsibility is to analyze the needs of a client and use logic and decrement to prioritize tasks to complete a mission that is set forth by a strategic plan. Once tasks are complete, John analyzes outcomes and provides reports with supported data to evaluate if the outcomes are successful. If the outcomes are not successful or could use improvement then John suggests mid-course adjustments to improve the outcomes until a successful mission is complete.