University of Oklahoma – Reynolds Performing Arts Center

The BOLD AV was tasked to help out the University of Oklahoma College of Fine Arts. The Reynolds Performing Arts Center was in desperate need of an update from analog to digital sound and we provided the perfect solution. In order to optimize the performance space with an increase of inputs and lower costs we installed a Soundcraft Si Performer 3 and digital-snake Compact Stage Box. The new setup provides the OU Reynolds PAC with a 64 channels to mix with dedicated processing on each channel, allowing them to remove their aging analog outboard gear.

For any tech people out there, you know a move from analog to digital can be a huge jump when running a sound console. We spent two hours with the crew from Reynolds Performing Arts training them in how to rethink producing a live performance utilizing the power and features of the Si Performer 3, covering everything from configuration to sound check. In addition to their new board, we brought our demo board so everyone on the team could get hands on training with this cool new technology.